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After having lived, studied and worked in Ireland for four years, and longing for a deeper travel experience than the usual business trips and annual holidays we decided it was about time to start a new adventure.

Previous trips have taken us around most of Europe, the US, and a few countries in South America and Africa, being Japan the only contact we’ve had with the Asian continent.

Searching for novelty and exotic places, Southeast Asia seemed like the right place to go now.

We enjoy travelling slowly, without a planned schedule and being able to stay longer in the places we like.

The idea is to travel light, bringing with us the minimum and coming back packed with memories, experiences and new perspectives.

We’d like to share some of them with you as we go along.

Enjoy reading!

Oskar and Claudia

You can reach us at hello@bigtrip.asia

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  • August 29, 2009 at 2:02 pm

    Hello Nils (Claudia)

    Long time ago since we met in Zofingen (1, 2, 3 years?). You told me about your plans going to China with google….but things might have changed as I see now 😉
    Today was the celebration of the 90est birthday of Pfadi Zofige….and I met your mother who told me about your trip. As you know I was also on a quite long trip (1 1/2 years) in South America and Asia (India, China). Like you I illustrated my experience on a homepage so everybody could see where I was and what I was learning about the big world…
    I just want to tell you that it’s just great what you’re doing and I hope you’re having a really great time….travelling around and seing the world is just the greatest thing you can do. It opens your mind and is an experience that you’ll never forget your whole life….

    I wish you just the best and hope you’re enjoying everything you see!

    Que les vaya muy bien!

    Muchos saludos

    Andreas Schütz

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