The best things in life are (almost) free

Traveling costs money, but sometimes it is more expensive to stay at home.

The following are some random examples of things we have enjoyed in the last six months in Asia, for a very low price:

  • Male haircut Gangtok, India. 75 cents (tip included).
    Dry haircut including a head massage. The guy didn’t speak any english, but a colleague translated everything, and the result was excellent.
  • Dinner for two. Dumre, Nepal. 60 cents. Buffalo momos and noodles.
    We ate while looking how a nice couple were preparing the food in an open kitchen. He was telling us about the ingredients he was using.
  • Double room for 95 cents. Tibetan guesthouse, Bahundanda, Nepal (Annapurna circuit).
    We were the only customers in the hotel, and the whole family was dedicated to us, preparing buckets of hot water and cooking a delicious pumkin soup with corn bread.
  • Fresh Sirsak juice (chirimoya, custard apple) Bondowoso Indonesia, 3 cents.
    The fruit was fresh and big, and the owner of the fruit stall prepared it for us with a big smile while his kids were playing with us.
  • Sim card Indonesia. SIMPati, 30 cents. Including the same amount for calls (we made quite a lot of local calls), plus 30 minutes Internet connection. The guy in the store went for us trough the cumbersome 20 minute activation process.
  • Gourmet Dim Sum feast, Tim Ho Wan restaurant, Hong Kong.
    A tiny restaurant rated with a Michelin star, having dishes for less than a Euro. Queues were big, but the delicious food was totally worth the wait. CNN was there filming while we were eating, so hurry up before it gets too popular 🙂

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