Big Trip Asia part I

Here is the first part of our adventure in some figures:

275 Days travelled so far

12 Countries visited

84 Passport stamps

110 Different beds used

120 Different banknotes and coins collected

23 Local languages heard

17 New fruits discovered

2,2 Million rice grains eaten

80 Hours in hospital

20kg of weight lost

Religions exposed to:

10 Flights

36 Bicycles rented

5 Motorbikes rented

8.325 Km by train

5.640 Km by bus

+ 1.100 hours walking ūüôā

8 Rainy days

200+ Sunny days

40 Enjoyable sunsets

58 Books read

13.000 Pictures taken

Many smiles per day…


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  1. Danilo Balu


  2. Elena

    Quiero saber cómo habéis calculado esto: 2,2 Million rice grains eaten!!!!


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