The world’s tallest buildings in 5 days

Business trips have many disadvantages, but also some really good things.

Tip Hong Kong-Taipei-Shanghai-Hong Kong. Five days. Packed with meetings.
Not time for much, but enough to taste the savoury taiwanese snacks and the yummy Shanghainese food.
Mere appetizers to the main dish: Climb to the top of the tallest buildings in the world.

Day 1 – Taipei 101: #2 tallest building in the world.

Dominating Taipei’s skyline, 101 is the world’s #1 tallest green building (there is always a catch), and is worth a visit. At the top of the building there is a huge golden ball to keep the building balanced in case of an earthquake.

Day 3 – Shanghai World Commerce Center: #3 tallest building in the world, and Jin Mao tower, #12

This building erected in 2007 is right next to what used to be one of the tallest, Jin Mao. Fame will be brief, as it will soon be surpassed by Shanghai tower, another massive skyscraper currently being build at its back. Shanghai’s Pudong area looks like a battlefield.

Day 5 – Hong Kong International Commerce Centre:#4 tallest building in the world.

Back to Hong Kong, back to wearing flip flops. Curiosity was killing me and I had to visit the next one in the list. I wasn’t dressed for the occassion entering the Ritz-Carlton reception, the tallest hotel in the world with the tallest swimming pool.
Nice views of the Hong Kong island skyline and some posh restaurants.

I wish next business trips would take me to Dubai, Mecca or North Korea!

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