Out of air in Palawan

Breathe in, breathe out. You have landed in Coron, Palawan island. Relax, life is simple here, the toughest choice you have to make in the surface is where to spend your evenings, in a paradisiac resort or in a hotel in the busy Coron city. Either way, great food is guaranteed.
But at some point during the day, you should go down. Down to the bottom of the sea.

A unique underwater place where several Japanese ships sunk in WW2. A quiet snapshot of violent times, now the shipwrecks are the home of groupers, schools of tuna and yellow fin, lion fish, scorpion fish and some guest turtles.

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Diving in and out the shipwrecks in such tranquility is totally an experience. So intense that after more than 30 min I forgot to check my oxygen level and I realized just on time that I didn’t have enough air to go back safely to the surface.

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If it was not for a young Filipino diver that came with me, for his spare oxygen and a big dose of focus when we both should have panicked, I would have followed the same destiny of Irako, Okikawa maru, Akitsushima, Kogyo maru and Olympia maru, stranded forever at the bottom of the Philippines sea.

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