Looking west

The nicest sunsets are those where the sun disappears into the sea, painting the clouds around with amazing colours.

When I first joined my company, I was in a small office that was big enough to fit three desks. We chose the cheapest option, a room below street level with a window through which we could see only feet of people walking on the street. But the startup energy made it worth it, and I spent two years with hardly no sunsets.
Then I had itchy feet and a brazen move made me start chasing the sun, going East where it raises. And I ended up in Asia, the far East.

Seven years and many sunsets later I am with the same company, with a totally different view. Now the far East is home, and accidentally my office and my desk face West, where the sun sets, with a clear view of the sea. And I live in an island in an apartment with a balcony that also faces West, and an open view to the sea, so I am not missing any beautiful sunset any day of the week.


But beyond the horizon, when the sun sets, is where I left my home, my family, my friends, a piece of my identity. And I still enjoy the beauty of all those sunsets, but I look West with a certain touch of melancholy.


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