Hong Kong vicious lifecycle

Welcome to this world. You have been born a human this time. However you have made it into a concrete jungle of more than seven million people, all sharing a small piece of land next to a huge grid of factories that power your motherland. Well, not your motherland yet, but that is our plan.

Now, during your primary education please learn to be obedient, learn to comply with the rules, I’m sorry that with so many people it’s so annoying when someone doesn’t comply. Don’t expect to see your parents that much, they are busy all the time working for your future education. A surrogate mother may be imported for the inconvenient day care, but don’t get too attached, because she will eventually go as she came.

In your free time don’t play toimage (19)o much, not only because there is no much space but because we have prepared a number of extra activities for you to learn how to work harder on something until you succeed.

There is no time for you to think what you are good at or what you want to do with your life. We know you want to be successful and for that you need to work in the financial sector, or alternatively be an architect or a lawyer. We know your dream is to own one of those very expensive apartments we build for you, and your purpose in life *is* to do anything to get it. Now you have been blessed with some higher education in something you don’t necessary love, and a new race has started. The race to make it.

But let’s do it step by step, try to stay under your parents protection for as long as you can, and start working as soon as you can to provide them with half of your salary. No matter whether you get along with them or not, it’s your duty. Don’t ask what they will use the money for, whether they need it or why some of your brothers or sisters don’t collaborate the same way.

Alright, you are doing well so far. Now please, marry someone, we need to move to the next logical stage, you are already twenty something, we should start modelling the next generation. Please spend a lot of money and time on the wedding preparations, rather than spending some time living together with your partner to see if it works. Do it soon, you don’t want to be the last one of your friends to have such life improvement, do you? Your mum will be delighted, your neighbours too. We are sure that this is what You want.

Our Feng Shui, Astrology and special medicine department agents will tell you who can you be with, which colour your sofa should be, when to start working, your home location, what you should and you should not eat, everything!!… Don’t be worried, you don’t have to make any hard choice in life, it’s all taken care of.

And if anyone around you becomes annoying, bring a picture and one of our agents will hit a shoe repeatedly over it to tackle the problem.

Then spend your days and nights working as hard as you can. We let you enjoy the good things in life, spending money in them will give you the feeling that you are making it. Or even better, it will give others the feeling that you are making it, and they are not.  Wear branded accessories, get the best phone,… even a nice car that you have no place to drive it to, but that makes you feel the center of the world when you are inside and everyone is looking at you.

life-without-principle_01_fullSwitch with no regret to a job that pays better, loyalty is overrated. Get there as fast as you can. Burn your youth trying.

Did you not make it yet? Work harder, spend the weekend at work to pay for your children’s school fees, for that apartment that has increased its price again. Buy a way out from the things that prevent you from going in that direction, make getting any possible extra dollar a way of life.

Or if you are one of the few who actually made it in life, probably after an adulthood of excess now you are rewarded with the best grave location overlooking the sea. You deserved it, you paid for it. You are finally happy.

Please come and visit us any time, we’ll be delighted to organize your life for you again. Our way.




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  • March 15, 2015 at 4:45 pm

    oh stop belittling Hong Kong -_-

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