Midnight crossing tax

Yesterday I had a surreal nightmare. After going to bed at 9, I suddenly woke up at midnight, and my dreams were all about us being handed out a receipt to pay some crazy amount of money to cross the midnight time.
For some moronic reason, the brain gets trapped in the vividness and  absurdity of the situation, and the dream would continue in loops with me relentlessly trying to understand what this new tax was all about.
Hidden taxes are common in Indonesia, so you have to be ready to pay a little extra to travel around. Two compulsory ‘donations’ are frequent  in domestic flights boarding areas (bizarre to the point that they have two separate booths, and the salaries of the people working there, plus the paper to issue the ‘donations’ will probably outweight what they collect).

Other example of these taxes would be the ‘revolutionary tax’ we ended up paying to enter a couple of villages, collected in the middle of  the road by some youngsters who were eager to take advantage of the flow of tourists through their village.

Arguably more fair than my midnight crossing tax, there’s not much to worry about hidden taxes in Indonesia, as they will not be that high to ruin your budget or keep you awake at night.

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