We got robbed!!!

The victim:
Mister O., male Caucasian, mid thirties, handsome features, heavy beard, backpacker look


The object: 3 bananas (value: 6 rupies or 8 euro cents)
The perpetrator: (the perpetrator is underage, his identity can therefore not be revealed, for the purpose of this report we will call him “monkey”).


Details of incident:
16.30 Agra, 200m from Taj Mahal, Mister O. buys 4 bananas from a fruit stall
16.31 Mister O. eats banana number 1
16.32 Mister O. is about to eat banana number 2 when he is violently attacked by monkey. Mister O. peacefully surrenders banana number 2 to monkey. Monkey recklessly grabs banana number 3 and 4 and goes swiftly into hiding.
16.33 Mister O. is devastated and hungry. The eye witnesses are paralyzed by the cruelty of incidents.
16.34 Mister O. claims not having eaten banana number 1 in a provocative manner. The eye witnesses confirm the tragic chain of incidents to the authorities.

As of today the thief is still missing despite tireless efforts of the corresponding authorities.
If you have seen the thief or have any clues, please call hotline +919582085214. Your help will be rewarded.

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