Books we read. Part II

We continue to read, here the second part of our reading list (fiction and non-fiction). Any suggestions are welcome.


  • Por qué somos como somos. Eduardo Punset. 3
    Reflexiones sobre la física y química del ser humano, sus relaciones y su búsqueda de la felicidad. Profundiza en la materia de manera amena contrastando varias fuentes, pero a veces se va por las ramas y economiza en conclusiones.
  • El estilo del mundo. Vicente Verdú 4
    Descripción muy acertada sobre la vida en el capitalismo de ficción


  • JPod. Douglas Coupland 4
    Hilarious novel about the claustrophobic office environment of some geeks in a game company. Portraits the modern geek in a very funny way. Reminds us not to go back to the corporate world anytime soon.
  • State of Union. Douglas Kennedy 4
  • Stieg Larsson. Millenium Trilogy 4
    Everyone knows these books by now. I got addicted to them and read them in a couple of weeks in Indonesia. Maybe a little too much of Sweden in Indonesia, but definitively a great summer read.
  • A thousand splendid suns. Khaled Hosseini 4
    The story of two women in Afghanistan. For those who liked the Kite Runner, go for it.
  • Ten big ones. Janet Evanovich 3
    Entertaining writing style.
  • El Cairo Nuevo. Maghib Mahfuz 3
  • Eat. Pray. Love. Elizabeth Gilbert 3
    Eat stands for Italy, pray for India and love for Indonesia. Somewhat superficial account of the author’s trip to these countries, giving too many personal and spiritual details for my taste. Nice to read on a beach.
  • The reluctant fundamentalist. Mohsin Hamid 3
  • Burning Bright. Tracy Chevalier 2
    Handed down from a fellow traveler in Indonesia. From the writer of a  Girl With a Pearl Earring. Not too exciting.
  • The curious case of Benjamin Button. Francis Scott Fitzgerald
  • Die letzte Spur. Charlotte Link
  • Living single. Holly Chamberlin 2
    Light chick-lit instead of watching one of my beloved TV comedies.
  • La sonrisa azul. Zoe Valdes
  • Freizeichen. Ildiko von Kuerthy. 1
    Chick-lit, very predictable.

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