Loneliness in a new city

Travelers visit countries, explore, learn, fall in love with the places, with the sights, with the people there. But the majority of them travel back to their own countries, to their own people, and their love affair with the foreign land is just a fling, a burning match that fades away after some time. A light that only shines again when you go back, like the light inside a fridge, fooling yourself that it is still on even when the door is closed.

And of course, travelers briefly entertain the idea of staying, starting a new life there. We know it’s a wild idea, but we can almost touch the excitement of that brand new life.
But we all fear loneliness, how hard would it be to fit in, to meet like minded people. We fear to be prone to accidents, to mishaps, to lack of adaptation. It’s all in our minds, we don’t want to be out of our comfort zone for longer than necessary.

But avoiding loneliness in a new city is easier than what you may think. Everyday new connections are being built by like minded strangers, doing what they like doing, talking about what they like talking, making each other feel like at home. And at some point you may feel closer to them than to any lifetime friend back home.

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Going online, joining meetup groups, parties, hikes to the mountains, exhibitions, classes, other interest groups. Do social dining, online dating, couch surfing, actively meet friend’s friends.
Be brave enough to go on your own at first, and you will realize that there is not such a thing as new city loneliness.
Even without trying, you can find the most wonderful person in the dodgiest corner, serendipity can also be by your side.
With the right attitude, it is surprisingly easy to connect with people in a new city.

So don’t be shy, stay in those places. Fall in love with them. Marry them. Embrace their bright lights.

Be active. Be brave. Keep exploring. It takes only twenty seconds of insane courage.

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