India 40 days later

Arrival to India.
After over-passing the first overwhelming days, we enjoy the beautiful sights and the multiple colors of the country. We are not able however to connect with its people.

28 days later.
Heat, dirt, noise, a relentless siege from rickshaw drivers, pseudo official guides and hotel owners. Seems like most of the people who approach us (mostly men) are infected with the virus of selfish behaviour and lack of politeness. We thought we had already overcome all that, but it’s in our face more than ever. We are tempted to go somewhere else, but somehow we feel is too early to generalize. We decided to stay longer in the country.

Fast forward now to 40 days after our arrival. Our perception of the country has changed for the better. At last.

How did it happen? Some days away from the very touristic places, the touts and the hassle, and also having the opportunity of meeting really nice Indian people, and have a better insight into their culture, beliefs and way of living.

It took us much longer than expected, to make sense of all differences and apparent contradictions of this country. To appreciate their own ways of showing respect and gratitude to others.

Now it’s official. We like India!


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